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Secretary & Correspondent

Secretary & Correspondent Message

Dear Parent,

Students these days live in a competitive climate where results are extremely important, and even the loss of a few points could result in a lot of missed dreams. The students are placed over 5000 schools throughout Tamil Nadu and unfortunately not all of these 5000-odd schools are created.equal and all the students don’t compete on an equal footing

A lot of these schools either cater to people with high incomes who can afford to pay high fees or have unfortunately low quality of resources available to the students. This makes it difficult for students from middle-class backgrounds to compete with the students of the so called ‘elite ‘ schools . When we took over management of Shikshaa in 2005, we had a vision of making quality world class education accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it . Today I am happy to see our students having access to Smart classes for visualizing complex concepts, and a sophisticated communication Lab.

Today, in India, there is cut-throat competition in every sphere of life. In this scenario, how can a student get the additional one point that will make him/her overtake a lot others, and get noticed? The solution is meticulous preparation-one cannot go to a battle field unarmed and hope to win. Only a part of these weapons is acquired from academic preparation and the other part comes from the skills he/she develops. Here at Shikshaa, we believe that every single student possesses a unique talent and it is our job to guide them into identifying their skills and using them efficiently.

Besides academics, we highly encourage student participation in extra-curricular & co-curricular activities .We are moulding not only tomorrow’s leaders but also tomorrow’s Ravi Varmas,

Shakespeares ,"Though no one can go back and make a brand new beginning everyone can start now and make a brand new ending".